Burst (Twin Vent)

Purple Burst

General Information

  • Simulation device
  • Category P1
  • Diameter: 40 ±5mm
  • Length: 120 ±5mm
  • Net Explosive Content (N.E.C): 35 ±10g
  • Total Weight (GW): 140 ±20g
  • Ignition Type = Wire Pull®
  • Effect: non-toxic coloured smoke
  • Smoke Duration: 25s ±10s


  • Safety distance = 2m
  • For outdoor use only, do not use indoors.
  • Do Not supply to persons under 18 years of age.
  • Always use Gloves and Eye protection.
  • Do Not carry in pockets, use EG approved pouch.
  • Avoid inhalation of smoke.
  • Do Not use in confined spaces or places where others cannot easily leave the smoke area.
  • Do Not hold while device produces smoke.
  • Do Not point at other people.
  • Do Not place on or near flammable materials.


  • Submerge in a bucket of water to allow water to enter the product
  • Leave soaking outside in a secure area for a minimum of 48 hours
  • Dispose of the water waste and the solid waste(s) separately and in accordance with local, regional or national regulations

Further Resources

Twin Vent In Action

Commonly used in photography, film, and combat simulation, the Twin Vent is operated by pulling the ring out of the side of the product. 25 seconds of coloured, non-toxic smoke will follow.

Smoke from the Twin Vent is delivered from both ends of the device. Always refer to the instructions printed on the side of the product before using.