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Enola Gaye is the global leader in the design and manufacture of coloured smoke products for professional and commercial use. Also specialising in pyrotechnic noise and fragmentation devices.

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EG Smoke

Coloured Smoke Effects

EG smoke effects are the most widely used and popular coloured smoke products worldwide. Enola Gaye’s smoke composition design offers the cleanest and brightest colours available.


Noise & Fragmentation Devices

EG specialises in noise and fragmentation device design for training and outdoor pursuits. With precision and consistent noise and fragmentation, our training grenades are the most popular products used worldwide.

Product Information

Product and safety information for all of our pyrotechnic products is available right here on this website.

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Distance, heat, usage guidance, inhalation warnings.​

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Maximum temperatures and humidity. Licencing and regulations.


General noise information and warnings.

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The packaging required to store and transport EG pyrotechnic products.


Hazardous material shipping information and associated costs.

Risk Assessment

General risk assessment and product use guidance.


Conformity Assessments

Download our conformity certificates.


Our responses to frequently asked questions.

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Company Information

EG Products was established in 1996 and manufactures pyrotechnics for a number of industries, including film, TV, photography, and paintball.

EG Products is a trading name of 3rd Light Ltd, based in Padworth, near Reading, United Kingdom.

We also have offices in Las Vegas, USA, and work with distributors around the world.

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