About Us

EG Products are the most widely used and popular coloured smoke products for commercial use in the world. We design, manufacture and supply high quality smoke products using the best materials available, which are simple to operate, require no training, and are safe to use. All of our products are designed in house by our team of experts in the UK, who adhere to strict quality control and test criteria. All devices are CE tested and surpass all quality testing for the European, American and Canadian markets.

The brand was founded in 1996, with the original factory based in Lincolnshire, England. EG Products initially manufactured pyrotechnic products for the paintball industry but has since branched out to serve many other industries, such as photography, film and television.

The brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and we now supply our smoke products to many well known companies all across the world. Our smoke can regularly be seen on international TV programmes and in Hollywood films.


EG Smoke effects have become the most widely used and popular in the photography world. The smoke bomb photography scene was essentially started by the Enola Gaye brand, you only have to look for the hashtag #enolagaye on Instagram or other social media streams to see that it has taken on a life of its own. The brand name has become so strong its hashtag is even carried in photos which don’t even contain smoke.

Trust in the brand and its products has seen the popularity of smoke photography flourish over the past few years. This could only have been achieved with the ease of use and safe trusted products.

Indulge yourself and follow the #enolagaye hashtag to see the incredible work produced around the world using our smoke effects.

It’s impossible to name all the artists and products that have used EG smoke effects, but let’s indulge for a moment.

Liam Gallagher, Taylor Swift, The X Factor, Chicago Fire, Kong Skull Island Movie, Joker Movie, Top Gear, I’m a celebrity, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Fast & the Furious and so on… All of these artists and productions have used EG products to produce incredible

EG now works directly with movie directors and production companies and has developed unique smoke products to suit the needs of ongoing productions.

The Enola Gaye brand originally started making products for Airsoft and Paintball way back in 1996. We continue to develop products for these industries which includes simulation grenades specifically designed to fragment and emulate real grenades for game play.

As crazy as it sounds, Enola Gaye exploding paint and bb grenades are incredibly safe and have been in use since ’96. Millions of our fragmentation grenades have been used on paintball and airsoft fields worldwide.

In the world of combat simulation, EG is more than just a manufacturer of simulation grenades, it’s a sports brand trusted by tens of thousands of players. EG supports events globally and is constantly developing products for these immersive activities.

The survival world is no stranger to smoke and pyrotechnics and EG is no stranger to the world of survival.

Our most popular smoke products are already used as emergency back up signalling in the most extreme environments.

In recognition of this, EG has developed a range of survival products that will come to the market in 2021.

EG’s professional line of products has been designed specifically for the Fire and Police service and for military training. Police forces and Fire services around the world already put our high end smoke and thunder flash products to good use in training.

Our biggest smoke units can fill fire service training buildings and push smoke down 6 floors with a single unit.

This safe use of non-toxic smoke that doesn’t require burning is just a small example of EG products making real life emergency scenarios more realistic to
prepare for.

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The industrial use for smoke predates our company by many years. However, the ease of use and ‘off the shelf’ availability of our products, combined with the colour diversity has made EG smoke a ‘go to’ for many industries.

From sewer testing, HVAC testing, long range signalling highlights the benefits of using smoke in these industries including high end customer such as Elon Musk’s Space X.

EG Products seem to go hand in hand with extreme sports right across the range. You can see our high-end products used in skydiving, wing suiting, wing tip flying, stunt motor cycling, the list is long and doesn’t seem to be exhaustive.

We’re huge fans of seeing the dynamic ways that our smoke products are put to use. You can guarantee that most Red Bull sports or events will include Enola Gaye products to some degree. We’ve been regularly featured with ESPN events and X Games.

Coloured smoke is commonly used for daytime effects and is put to good use by many of our clients across the world. From Tough Mudder’s corporate orange colour that signals the finishing line to mainstream music festivals using smoke as part of their daytime stage effects.