Product Safety Data Sheet - Ultimate Match

Pyrotechnic device designed to assist in lighting a fire in difficult, dangerous or extreme conditions.
For outdoor use only by persons of 18 years of age or over

General Information

  • Diameter: 25 ±2mm
  • Length: 98 ±5mm
  • Net Explosive Content (NEC/NEQ): 16g Maximum
  • Total Weight (GW): 41 ±5g
  • Ignition Type = Wire Pull
  • Fuse Delay = None
  • Effect = Flame / Fire
  • Duration = 50s ±15s
  • Manufactured date is shown on packaging
  • Don’t be an idiot with these products

Safety Information and Instructions

  • Safety distance = 0.5m
  • For outdoor use only, do not use indoors.
  • Do Not supply to persons under 18 years of age.
  • Gloves and eye protection recommended.
  • Do Not carry in pockets, use EG approved pouch.
  • Do Not hold or pick up after ignition.

Instructions for Use

Prepare an area for your fire that is sheltered from wind and rain and place some dry tinder or fuel in the centre of your fire area.

Eye protection and gloves recommended, keep fingers and thumbs away from the top of the device.

  1. Extend wire and metal ring.
  2. Pull metal ring firmly and steadily sideways (DO NOT pull upwards).
  3. When igniting, point away from face, body, and other people.
  4. Sparks, flame, hot gas and a pop sound may be produced on ignition.
  5. Place the Ultimate Match on the ground so that it ignites the dry tinder and then build your fire on top. The device produces a flame for approximately 1 minute, it will then continue to burn slowly until completely consumed.
The device will often reignite even when it appears to have extinguished.


  • Once lit do not attempt to pick the device up even if it appears to have extinguished. It is designed to completely burn away and may reignite or be burning slowly internally.
  • If device fails to go off, leave at least 10 minutes before picking it up.
  • The manufacturer will not accept any liability where their pyrotechnics are misused or modified.
  • Misuse of these products may lead to prosecution.

Hazard information



  • Pyrotechnic article
  • Exposure to the articles themselves does not pose any health hazards
  • KEEP out of reach of children, read instructions before use
  • Heating may cause ignition


Stability and Reactivity

-Reactivity – Reaction occurs on ignition. Stable unless ignited

-Stability – Stable under normal storage, transport and handling conditions as recommended below.

Hazardous Reactions – Fire or heat will ignite the devices individually or packaged.

Conditions to avoid – Avoid contact with ignition sources, including high temperature radiant heat, sparks, electrostatic shock, impact, friction. Avoid getting wet.

Chemical incompatibility – Organic solvents, strong acids and alkalis.

Material incompatibility – Do not use or store near flammable liquids or solids.

Hazardous Decomposition Products

On ignition or in a fire the device will function to produce some or all of the following decomposition products. The exact nature of the decomposition is unknown and is dependant on the conditions at the time.

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, potassium hydroxide, potassium chloride, aluminium oxide, magnesium oxides.


  • UN Number:   0431
  • Proper Shipping Name:   ARTICLES PYROTECHNIC, for technical purposes
  • Packing Group:   II
  • Maximum Packaging:   3 devices / inner box, 90 devices / outer carton
  • HSE CAD Reference:   SVC4389974P
It is illegal to send these devices through the postal system or to take on airplanes. Always use an approved courier.
1.4G sign


From the designed effect produced once ignited and the device functioning normally.

Inhalation: Excessive inhalation of the smoke produced may cause respiratory irritation and difficulty breathing. Remove victim to fresh air, loosen clothing around airway, keep warm and rest. Seek medical advice/attention if symptoms persist.

Burns: Burns may occur if product is not used correctly. Always follow the instructions on the product label. Place burnt area under clean cold running water for at least 10 minutes. Keep the affected area clean. For serious burns, seek medical attention.


  • Hazard Type for Storage = HT4
  • You will require a storage license if you are storing more than 5Kg (NEC) of 1.4S and 1.4G goods.
  • Keep packages closed when not in use.
  •  Store in a secure cool dry place in the original transport packaging.
  • Do not store these products above 50 °C and above 70% humidity.


  • If a product fails to ignite you can either return to the place of purchase by hand using the original packaging; Ensure products are secure within the package and package is properly sealed, marked and labelled. Send using an approved courier. Or, submerge device(s) in a bucket of water allowing water to enter the product. Leave soaking for a minimum of 48 hours in a secure area. Dispose of the waste according to local or national regulations.

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