3rd Light IP Information


Patent Title: Fuse Assembly for a munition

European Patent Number: 3452777

USA Patent Number: 10436561

Description: A fuse mechanism for e.g. a pyrotechnic grenade in which a spring loaded striker lever is held in position by a cammed surface of the fly-off lever. Releasing the Fly-off leaver enables deployment spring-loaded striker lever allowing rapid upward movement of the striker lever at the point where the cammed portion of the fly-off lever is no longer in contact with the striker lever.

This mechanism significantly reduces the noise of ignition associated with fly-off lever devices and improves reliability.

Patent Title: Smoke Device

USA Patent Number: 11009324

Description: A smoke device containing a series of baffles and chambers. The baffles are arranged in a staggered formations such that the holes in each baffle are offset from holes in adjacent baffles. This internal mechanism improves the safety of these types of devices by preventing sparks and flames from exiting the device reducing the fire risk.

Registered Designs

Paint Grenade Shell

European Community Design No. 3100411

UK Design No. 90031004110001

Description: Pulp paper device shell design

EG67 Grenade Shell

European Community Design No. 3100635

UK Design No. 90031006350001

Description: Pulp paper device shell design